For more than 40 years, DHC has represented clients before city, state and federal governments. Our Government Relations group has earned a reputation for successfully navigating the complex landscape present at all levels of government, helping clients achieve and exceed their goals to strengthen and build their organizations.

DHC Government Relations clients have included Fortune 500 companies, major cultural institutions, land developers, government contractors, educational institutions, municipalities, public authorities, community interest groups, labor and professional organizations, non-profit corporations, and charities. We have seen success in local, state, and federal advocacy efforts in all of these areas.

At the core of our successful practice is an exceptional group of attorneys and professionals who specialize in government affairs. Our combined knowledge, experience, and relationships provide our clients with the means to successfully influence policy, guide legislation, overcome regulatory issues, and develop vital long term relationships between government and our clients.

As a full service law firm with offices in New York City, Albany, Long Island, and Washington, D.C., as well as more than sixty lawyers with a wide range of legal expertise, our team offers comprehensive services and substantial government relations expertise.

New York City and New York State:

New York City and Long Island – Our New York City and Long Island practices represent clients on budget, policy, regulatory and legislative matters before County Government (Nassau, Suffolk) New York City Community Boards, New York City Borough Presidents’ Offices, The New York City Mayor’s Office, The New York City Council, and NYC Agencies and Corporations.

We work closely with our clients to develop and implement a strategy that provides access to the right decision makers and government leaders and yield a positive result. Our team includes former top aides to the New York City Mayor and New York City Council, as well as former City Hall and Agency insiders. We are able to routinely tap the talent and extensive knowledge and experience of more than sixty attorneys and professionals spanning the range of legal practices to support our clients in their government relations initiatives.

Albany – DHC’s Albany practice represents clients on budget, policy, regulatory, and legislative matters before the New York State Governor’s Office, The New York State Legislature, NYS Agencies, and Corporations. With an office just steps from the Capital Building in Albany, our team provides access to both the Executive Chamber and both the NYS State Senate and Assembly on both sides of the aisle, to advance client initiatives on the State Level. Our team includes former elected officials and appointees to state agencies.

The scope of our Government Relations services include:

  • Policy & Advocacy work: Devising a strategic plan to bring attention to policy issues, identify and cultivate champions of our client’s cause and build coalitions that will move public policy forward
  • Budget: DHC has a 40 year track record of successfully tracking and securing budget and discretionary funding, both expense and capital, for our clients.
  • Legislation: DHC’s legal professionals are adept at the art of shepherding a piece of legislation from the drafting stage, though negotiations and through the City Council to be signed into law
  • Testimony: DHC prepares and delivers clear and compelling testimony before government bodies to advance a cause
  • Regulatory Approvals: We frequently assist clients seeking regulatory approvals required for real estate development, energy, and transportation projects through the review process of local boards and commissions, as well as state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Land Use: When a client seeks approvals on a land use issue before New York City, our lobbying group compliments the work of our land use attorneys to guide the project through the public approvals process
  • Agency work: We frequently assist in clients in accessing top decision makers at the agencies with oversight and/or budgetary discretion that affect their operations.

For more information on our New York City Government Relations practice, contact Sid Davidoff at or 646-428-3260.

For more information on our New York State Practice, contact Steve Malito at or 518.465.8230 / 800-652-5103

Washington, D.C.

DHC’s Washington, D.C. practice represent clients on issues relating to public policy, budget and appropriations, regulatory, and legislative matters before the U.S. Congress and Executive branch agencies and regulatory bodies. DHC’s Washington practice provides our clients with access to two of the largest delegations to Congress (New York and Florida) and leadership in both parties. Our team includes former aides to the current Administration as well as former Congressional staffers. Our Washington, D.C. team has represented major NYC -based business and cultural organizations as well as national technology and manufacturing firms and healthcare providers.

  • Policy and Advocacy: We craft a strategy to bring attention to a client’s organization and specific policy goals, identify and cultivate champions for their causes, and build coalitions that will move their priorities forward on a federal stage
  • Appropriations & Grants: Our team tracks the appropriations process in Washington, D.C. and identifies opportunities within appropriation bills and within agencies for grants and other funding. We routinely support our clients grant strategies with our insights and connect them with the decision makers who matter on their specific issue
  • Legislation: With our access to leadership in the Senate and House, DHC has demonstrated success influencing the language of pending legislation to benefit our clients
  • Oversight & Regulatory Work: We frequently assist clients accessing leadership in agencies and bodies with oversight authority on their operations in order to address specific challenges or create deeper relationships for funding and policy influence

For more information about the Federal Lobbying practice, contact Jonathan McCollum at 202-347-1117 or

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