The Hollywood Reporter – Murdoch vs. Iger: How Much Power Could Rupert and Sons Wield at Disney?

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The Disney CEO, 66, is set to exit in 2019, though he could stay longer if a purchase of 21st Century Fox’s major assets is struck.

A deal in the works that could have The Walt Disney Co. purchasing up to $60 billion worth of 21st Century Fox’s assets would make Rupert Murdoch and his sons major Disney shareholders with outsize power over important decisions, including who would succeed current CEO Robert Iger, insiders and observers speculated on Wednesday.

Iger, 66, is set to exit in 2019, though if a deal is struck that has Fox selling its film studio, some cable channels and its stake in Hulu and the European satellite TV service Sky to Disney, it might come with an assurance that Iger remain beyond his planned retirement date.

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