DHC’s Founding Partner Sid Davidoff Debates Ranked Choice Voting on 770 WABC Radio

DHC’s Founding Partner Sid Davidoff Debates Ranked Choice Voting on 770 WABC Radio

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March 19, 2021 — Sid Davidoff, DHC’s Founding Partner and Government Relations Practice Chair, squared off with Sean Dugar, Education Campaign Program Director of Rank the Vote NYC, in a significant long-form radio debate on the merits of Ranked Choice Voting.

While advocates for Ranked Choice Voting spotlight its success in places such as Maine and Alaska, New York City is much larger and more ethnically diverse. There are legitimate concerns as this new way of voting is rolled out for primary and special elections in the Big Apple.

Thanks to term limits, 2021 is a particularly active year for primary elections in New York City. There are currently more than 500 declared candidates for offices such as Mayor, Comptroller, Borough President and 32 City Council seats.

While those races will be Ranked Choice, others on the ballot, such as those for District Attorneys, judges and local party officials, will not be. Has the voter education process been sufficient and what should we expect on Primary Election Day? Will this new system create chaos, and weeks and months of uncertainty just to figure out who won?

Sid Davidoff shares his expertise, showing why, for generations, those seeking out prudent guidance and insightful direction on how to navigate the unique world of New York government and politics have turned to Sid Davidoff and his team at DHC.

Listen to the interview moderated by WABC Radio here.